Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Freear & Ekaj 'Gizmo Stomp' Part 1 [APEM027]


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After the awesome release from Lethalness we have decided to bring you something a bit different for our next effort.

We bring you newcomers to the Ape fam, all the way from oop norf, the awesome Freear & Ekaj and their epic slice of dancefloor dubstep, 'Gizmo Stomp'

The northern monkeys have given us a proper festival slaying chunk of dubstep goodness with a sweeeet reggae infused vibe courtesy of vocals from A. Y D'Afrique.

We have gone in hard on the remixes for this as we love this tune...

First up we have Manchesters freekin bad boys of bass, Snareophobe who have turned in what can only be described as a pant-wettingly heavy remix that has already been getting a heavy caning by the stadium destroyer that is Bassnectar. If you don't screwface to this then you must have had more botox than Joan Rivers!!! (For all you young uns, look her up)

Our favourite Ape fam-a-lam massive the Freerange Djs have blessed us too with an absolute monster of a remix, stepping up to drumstep tempo that is no holds barred, full on fodder for the ravers on the floor. All lighter crew!!

Rounding off the release in a slightly more chilled but equally brilliant way is another Ape fave, Bristols own Jinx in Dub who has taken the original firmly into dubbier territory and then halfway through flips it into a wicked breakbeat roller!!

Already skankin its way around the world, Gizmo Stomp & its remixes has found success on the dancefloor from San Francisco to St. Helens gaining support from some major players already from Rico Tubbs to Bassnectar to Calvertron!

This release is not to be missed on any account!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Remix EP promo coming your way very soon with some tip top global all star breaks and house mixes from Manchester to the Burning Man.