Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ben & Lex Glade Festival 2011 Exclusive Podcast

Ben & Lex 'Glade 2011 Mix'

01. Redlight 'Feel So Good (Wine Up Yr Body)' [Lobster Boy]
02. Afghan Headspin 'Bad Selection (Mars Remix)' [Hardcore Beats]
03. Zed's Dead 'Rude Boy (Jorden and Santero Remix)' [CDR]
04. Viro and ROb Analyze 'WannuB (Plump DJs Remix)' [Noise Porn]
05. Dooze Jackers ft Wes De Graaf 'Euh' [Top Billin]
06. Splitloop ft RoxXxanne 'Badman' [Toast]
06. Plump Djs 'Light Fantastic' [Grand Hotel]
07. The Mighty Dub Kats 'Magic Carpet Ride (Will Bailey Remix)' [CDR]
08. Dom Almond 'Rinse It Out Live' [Hardcore Beats]
09. Ben and Lex 'Ruffnecks' [Functional]
10. Rico Tubbs 'Gangsters (Calvertron Remix)' [Bass=Win]
11. Freestylers vs Wizard 'Killasound' [Freestylers]
12. Noisia 'Gutterpump (Pixel Fist Remix)' [Skint]
13. Pyramid 'Trouble' [Funkatech]
14. 601 'I Cant Take It' [APE]
15. Rico Tubbs 'Feel It (Lazy Rich Remix)' [Bass=Win]
16. Umek 'She Never Wants To Come Down' [1605]
17. Plump Djs 'Hump Rock' [Grand Hotel]
18. Herve 'Together (DJ Fresh Future Jungle Mix)' [All Around The World]

Glade Festival 2011 takes place 10 - 12 June 2011 at The Mansion House, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire UK featuring a whole host of leading electronic talent. For more info visit www.gladefestival.com



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