Thursday, November 18, 2010

601 'White Off' [APEM023] OUT NOW!!!


601 'White Off' [APEM023] by apemusic

Out now exclusive to Beatport

For our next release we at Ape Towers are very pleased to welcome back the northern monkeys branch of the Ape fam, the mighty 601!

Fresh from the start of their new label 'We do Bass' the boys have brought the Ape some proper badass bass heavy breaks action to our doorstep and we are so nice that here it is for you too!!

'White Off' does exactly what it says on the tin. Tried and tested this summer it does indeed make any club, go 'White off PROPA'!!!

Badboy jungle drums get things going followed by a drop into some bowel-shaking poo -making bass that will mash ya swede from the inside. The immortal title hook line by someone 'so cockney it hurts' leads you into sweet ass dubstep basses, mental edits and old skool vocal synths make this a non stop rollercoaster of a dancefloor KILLER!!

The EP is rounded off by 2 remixes that were due to be on the fellas LP, Dirty North's remix album but never found their way to see the light of day and we at Ape and the 601 thought that was a damn shame, so here there are especially for you (as Kylie and Jason would say)

First up the nutbag Wrongstars take 'Punch The Clown' and twist it into a 'woo yeah' bass driven relentless stomper with some wicked old skool treats in store.

Next up Ape head honchos Ben & Lex take on the Aretha monster 'RKSTDY' and turn in a straight up rolling breakbeat banger for the party crew and no mistake!!

Ladies & Gentle folk, we invite you to go 'WHITE OFF PROPA innit bredblud bruvva n ting !!!