Tuesday, November 9, 2010

601 | APE Music Podcast #15


601 wheel up the heavy block party slammers for this month APE Music podcast featuring the 2 tracks from their forthcoming 'White Off' ep on APE Music.


01. Home Alone 'Chameleons (601 Remix)' [Big Square]
02. Red Light 'What You Talking About (Roska Remix)' [MTA]
03. Jason Sparks 'Gangsters (Flores Club Mix)' [Botchit and Scarper]
04. Pyramid 'Trouble (Others Dub Mix)' [Funkatech]
05. High Rankin 'Don't Act Like A Rude Boy When Your Daddy's Got A Yacht' [Suicide Dub]
06. 601 'White Off' [APE Music]
07. Gunjack 'Murda' [Consume]
08. Ramadanman 'Work Them' [Swamp 81]
09. Dreadzone 'Yeah Man (Warrior One Mix)' [Dubwiser]
10. Marco del Horno vs Swerve 'Ho! Riddim' [Black Butter]
11. 601 'Shifter (Bass Version)' [We Do Bass]
12. Ill Blu 'Bellion' [Hyperdub]
13. Nas and Damian Marley 'As We Enter (Foamo Remix)' [CDR]
14. 601 'Punch The Clown (Wrongstars Remix)' [APE Music]
15. Santero ft Credit To The Nation 'Drop The Bomb' [Sugarbeat]
16. Droptop 'Machete' [Suicide Dub]
17. Parker Vs Black Sabbath 'Ironmandem' [CDR]

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