Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Metro Boy | | 18/05/10


Its taken me months and months but i finally plugged in and had a proper go with my APC40. Theres a few stops and starts as i get confused with what button does what and its not fully set up how I want yet but I got it proper loopy for this show. Enjoy

This tracklisting is a bit rough as there were tunes and loops coming in allover the place but this is the general lay of the show :D

01. Slam 'Collecting Data'
02. Uto Karem 'Machine Love'
03. Hertz 'A Voice Of My Own (Manuel De La Mare Dub MIx)
04. Alex DIss 'Mococa (Fernado Tessis Remix)'
05. John Starlight 'Road Rage (Popof Mix)'
06. JPLS 'Combination 03'
07. Phunk Investigation 'Tsunami (Perfect Storm Mix)'
08. Flavio Diaz 'Kaiserdisco'
09. David Tort 'Acid (Lost In Acid Mix)'
10. Ben Sims 'The Ol Vibes'
11. Paul Rich 'Split The Line (Dubfires Mega Remix)'
12. DUoteque 'Gotcha'
13. Smacs and Patric Kong 'Paraffin (Metro Boy Remix)'
14. Ben Sims 'Hypnosis'
15. Rino Cerrone 'Rills 6 A1'
16. Daniel Half 'Deodat 10'
17. Umek 'Responding To Dynamic'
18. Workakis 'Foile'
19. Uto Karem 'Black Jack'
20. firter 'Mi Estudio'
21. James Harcourt 'Unpleasent Suprise (Popof Remix)'
22. Brian Sanhaji 'Cortosis (Chris Liebing Remix)'