Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 17/05/10


Back one again on the N S B with 2 hours of exclusive jammed, proper banging, breaks n such.

01. Dual TRX 'Blowjob (T.R.O. Remix)'
02. I.D. 'Mustang'
03. Sven Vath 'Schubduse (Beggsters Bonus Beats by Simon Begg)'
04. DJ Mutiny 'Tell U Something (Afghan Headpsin Remix)'
05. Freerange Djs 'Drop That Beat (Nursery of Naughtiness Remix)'
06. Paul Bassrock 'Dub Hooligan (Afghan Headspin Remix)'
07. Banana Bomber and Bomg 'Crackin (Banana Bomber VIP Mix)'
08. UK Beat Cartel 'Carousel (Rob Fokuz and Secure Unit's Carrot Hell Remix)'
09. Kelis vs Beatles vs Plump DJs 'The Volcano Coalition'
10. NAPT 'Narcotics'
11. Yolanda Be Cool 'Afronuts (Douster Remix/Herve Beats Vip Mix)'
12. The Squatters 'Monster (Luvstuff Remix)'
13. Cakeboy 'Swamp Thing (Calvertron Remix)'
14. Pyramid vs Wizard 'War Of The Worlds'
15. Cut La Roc 'Looking For The Deep Base (Beat Monkeys Remix)'
16. Herve 'Blaze It'
17. Breakage 'Hardcore Music'
18. Jink 'Tippa Tap Sound (Ben & Lex Remix)'
19. Ben & Lex 'Soundboy Step Up!'
20. Dub Pistols 'Ganja (Ben & Lex's 'High and Dry Remix')'
21. Redux 'Acid Bomb (601 Remix)'
22. Ninja Commandos 'Let Yourself Go (Ben & Lex Remix)'
23. Digital Breaks Foundation 'Experience (Ben & Lex Remix)'
24. J Majik & Wickaman 'Dirty Disco'
25. Defunct ft MC Freeflow 'Let Me Do My Thing (Ben & Lex Remix)'
26. The Freerange DJs 'Drop That Beat (Afghan Headspin Remix)'
27. Si Begg 'High Volume (Disco of Doom Remix)'
28. Hervé 'Hot Drum Attack'
29. Afro Jack vs Sébastien Léger'Pacha Disco On Acid (Dylan Rhymes Re-Aligned)'
30. DJ Prosper& Old Skool Nemo 'We Are Bad Boys (Benjamin Vial 'Worst Boy' Remix)'
31. Ben & Lex 'Makaton (VIP Mix)'
32. Herve 'Zombies'
33. Enough Weapons 'Got Digital'


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