Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ben & Lex 'Makaton' [APEM019]


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Available on Beatport from 28th May and all other digital shops from the 11th June

Press Release

Ape Music is nearing the end of its troublesome teens! To celebrate the fact we are bringing you past, present and future badboy bass bizness!!

As a little teaser for the forthcoming 'From The Vaults' mix album we have dug into the monkey treasure trove and we bring you some special treats from labels bosses themselves, Ben and Lex!!

They have revisited their tune 'Makaton' and gone to town on new remixes across many genres each bringin a lil summat special to the table just for you!!

Their 2010 VIP remix is a MONSTER of a tune crossing the border of breaks, house and dubstep with badboy steppy beats and a bassline to lose your love juices over!

Also included is the never before released original which they have kept for just their live sets for the last year or so and its a proper straight up breakbeat beast that leans towards funk n bass land of the Plumps and Drummatics....You're welcome :)

First up on the remixes we have the stupidy talented Mr Rob Jones aka Anarchy Rice who has been releasing some insane bangers in the last year for the likes of Acidphonic and Dead Famous. He brings Ape exactly what we like, a hugely bass heavy tech funky stomper....A cheeky mellow pad in the intro hides the wonkathon of bass that arrives in the drop & slaps you firmly in the naughty bits !! Beware the Anarchy !!

Next up we have US badboys Viro & Rob Analyze who have turned in an awesome electro house/techno behemoth of a remix for us...This is definitely one for the peak time sets ladies and gents.

Next up we have drafted in a local rising star of the Dubstep world, Pulsar, to sprinkle new life into another old Ben & Lex badboy, 'Schizometric' and boy has he done us proud! Rinsing reese bass and heavy ass beats make for a real dancefloor epic.....With forthcoming releases on NYC label Code Of Arms and Subdepth records and remixes for the likes of Skitz, this fella is one to watch for 2010 fo sho!

DJ Feedback

Pixel Fist So fat in need a boomerang to put it's belt on in the morning!!!!
Morphosis Yet another solid release from APE! Covers all the basses, squeaks & bleeps and monkey noises, can't decide between the VIP and the original, both will be getting a rinse from us! **Essential!**
2 Bit Thugs Sounds hot
Schema Makaton VIP for me, def going to be playin that & schizometrix remix out all over!
Pyramid The fuckin pasties must ave sumit in them,BIG n BAAAAAD,great remix package boys,VIP is the one for me tho...peace lurv and puberty
Mr No Hands Love it!! making some heavy tunes at mo, arent weeeeee?
601 The Anarchy rice mix will be a biggy i think
Mobius Original and Anarchy Rice remix are both cool, but the remix just pips it for me. Loving that bassline

Ben & Lex 'Makaton'

Ben and Lex 'Makaton' [APEM019] by apemusic