Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Metro Boy | Podcast | June


Bah I had mucho troubles with the stream on Tuesdays show, buffering, disconnections etc. So I thought instead of mashin together all the little bits of the archive I'd rather do a quick mix instead.

So for this week I give you a sweet mix of all the new tunes I have just bought. No talking just an hour and a half of tuneage.


01. Lee Van Dowski and Agnes 'Louder Elvis'
02. Anja Scchneider 'Little Red Riding Hood'
03. Kevin Gorman 'SevenEightNine'
04. Kate Lawler 'Screw You'
05. Rekorder 'Rekorder 00'
06. Prec 'Cylinder Swing'
07. Alex Bau 'Halifax Funk'
08. Chris Liebing 'Bangbop'
09. Matthew Jonson and Adam Beyer 'Big Dipper'
10. Perc 'Serious Moonlight'
11. Matthew Jonson and Adam Beyer 'Marionette (Adam Beyer Remix)'
12. Chris Liebing 'B'
13. Butch '1000 Lords (Popof Remix)'
14. Alex Bau 'Summer In Moncton'
15. Christian Smith and John Selway 'Total Departure'


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