Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ben & Lex 'Tuna (601 Remix / Si Begg Re-Edit)'


Hurrah... Finally the Si Begg Re-edit of the 601 Remix of me and Lex's tune 'Tuna' is now available to download :)

Polar Red has been rocked this week by an act of sonic vandalism! The culprit, a Mr Si Begg, has taken apart 601's remix of Tuna by Ben & Lex, rearranged it to suit his own ends and sent us it back after it's thorough kicking! We here at Polar Red thought that you lot would want to own this sonic shoeing or, Re-edit as it is known, and so Si has agreed to let us release the offending article.

Ben & Lex-Tuna (601 remix) Begged! is now available exclusively at Beatport You can listen and buy it here

Also if your feeling the Begg-ness check out the Beatz and Bobz Show with Si Begg on the guest mix