Friday, May 23, 2008

APE Music 10.... Coming soon


Ok I know its been a while, but real life sometimes gets in the way.. anyways me and Lexy have brought our APE back out of its cage and going digital.

After a short hiatus, Ben and Lex’s APE Label roars back into the forefront of the Break beat scene with a pounding Triple A-side release from the head honcho’s themselves.

Meathouse does exactly what it says on the tin. its meaty and its house... the biggest kick drum alive being beaten by the heavy ass wobble bass for 7 mins of heads down chugging action.

Space Docking is a rollin' dance floor monster with a massive synth riff, classic chopped up breaks and a whole lotta bounce for the ounce. Big with Rennie Pilgrem

Wet Sack is a huge whomping bass beast with stupid fat beats, lil rave vocal stabs which deliver on every level

Release date is penciled in for June 2nd... promo's going out this weekend/monday so keep an eye on your inbox :)