Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mr Minimax - Knights Move Thinking


Still recovering from my fantastic weekend up in London for Martyns Birthday which involved a big knees up with the NSB massive @ Herbal on the Friday and then watching trendy bands, Munch Munch and Jape, on Saturday.

Far too much beer was consumed over the weekend and now I'm very poor. So the only thing that go me through the train journey home was the new 'Free' Myuzyk release.

"A phenomenon similar to derailment of thought or loosening of associations, is characterized by odd, tangential associations between ideas that lead to disruptions." The music within this release displays these characteristics, known as Knights Move Thinking. Sparse drums collide with edits and bass deployments whilst elsewhere beautiful piano keys dance with twitching rhythms across firing synapses. Mr Minimax deftly flirts with techno, electronica and dubstep and makes it seem like a fluid relationship. Released on his ninteenth birthday, this is his gift for you to explore time and again."

You can get it from here all for free