Saturday, April 21, 2007

So Sleepy

Phew made it back from London at 5am, got 3 hours sleep and I'm awake again... Hurrah.

Hats off to Stir tho they sure know how to put on a phat event. The breaks room was rammed after we only played one tune so our chilled warm up set went out the window, and we pretty much just banged it out and got the place jumping.

Only stayed for General Midi's set after ours which was brilliant as always, wish i could of stayed for Elite Force's set as that would of been amazing, but alas me and Lex had to drive back to Exeter.

Well worth the journey up tho as we've, fingers crossed (as its 100% confirmed yet), sorted out a monthly residency with the NSBradio parties at Herbal, plus at the end of next month we will be having a guest mix featured on the Rennie Pilgrem show on Galaxy FM., and finally we've been asked to play at a super hush hush party in London on the 25th May (more info on this one as and when).

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So 3 1/2 hours drive up, stuck in traffic at Trafalgar Square for ages, 3 hours in the club and 3 hours drive home at 5am adds up to one awesome night.