Monday, April 30, 2007

Plump DJs

What can I say about Saturday night's mega rave other then it was easily the greatest Beatz & Bobz this year, the Plump DJs totally rocked the Phoenix. Me, Lex and Gilly did a fine job with the warm up but the night was totally owned by the Plumps, even a technical fault at the start of there set didn't stop them from tearing Exeter a new arse.

Big shouts to everyone who made it down, every one I spoke to, and a big hello to Able and Jem for the funk in the bar.

I've got a whole bunch of photos and a video to edit, so I'll get these all up online later this week.

Don't forget me and Lex are supporting Merka and Paul Arnold this Friday at the Cavern for another Beatz & Bobz night.