Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ben & Lex 'Makaton' DJ Mag 5/5 Review


Holy Crap!!! Ben & Lex's 'Makaton' get 5/5 in this months DJ Mag. BLAM!!!

Ben & Lex
Makaton (Ape Music)

Even though you could only really drop this to the most full-on mentalist crowd, I fucking love the VIP of this. West country dudes Ben & Lex throw the kitchen sink into this one: galloping breaks, a mangled fax machine, a ferocious electronic top line, and then skewed, trill, dutty Caspa dubstep bassonomics all make their mark before the first drop. It's an opening salvo that Squarepusher at his most bonkers would be proud of, and after the calm melodic drop there's more of the same wobble yob bass mentalism. The competent other mixes - a breaks one by Anarchy Rice, madcap electro from Viro & Rob Analyze - can't really compete.


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