Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SWU Mega Rave | Full Cycle History Lesson Part 1


Going back in time to do a history lesson on one of the most influential labels in the Jungle/D&B scene... Full Cycle.

01. DJ Die and Roni Size '11:55 (Gangsta Mix)'
02. Roni Size 'Daylight'
03. DJ Krust 'Touch'
04. DJ Krust 'Quiz Show'
05. DJ Krust 'Future Talk'
06. DJ Die 'Nasty'
07. Bill Riley 'Future Funk'
08. Bill Riley 'The Chill'
09. DJ Die 'Live and Direct'
10. DJ Die 'Hydroponics'
11. DJ Krust 'Memories'
12. Scorpio 'Mellow Song'
13. Roni Size 'Secrets'
14. DJ Die 'Reincarnations'
15. DJ Die 'Stoned Groove'
16. DJ Krust 'Breaking Point'
17. J-raq 'Digitize'
18. DJ Die 'Reincarnation (The Remix)'
19. DJ Krust 'Soul In Motion'
20. Suv 'Everybody Plays The Same'


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