Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Beatz and Bobz Show | NSB Radio | 07/12/09

The Beatz and Bobz Show 07/12/09

Big breakbeat rave-a-thon this week tonnes of fresh new tracks from Diverted, BWEI, Vandal and Elite Force on his Re-fix tip. Also on this new details about forthcoming gigs in London and Exeter plus the first play ever of the Beat Monkeys remix of Cut La Roc's 'Looking For The Deep Bass'.

01. Layo and Bushwacka! 'Deep South' [End]
02. Diverted 'Big Baby Fear (Diverted Club Edit)' [AIR]
03. Adam Freeland 'Under Control (Miles Dyson Remix)'
04. Mars and Motive ft Profit 'Back To Basics (Kid Digital Remix)' [XSSR]
05. Jurassik 'Like This (Jurassik and XLY Remix)' [Yellow Finger]
06. Slyde 'Jetset' [Global Underground]
07. Man Like Me 'London Town (Foama Remix)' [Future Perfect]
08. Baymont Bross 'Wine Up Your Waist (NAPT Remix)' [MOFO]
09. BWEI 'Resistance' [En:vision]
10. Micky Slim 'Hit The Club (Stupid Fresh Mix / Krafty Kuts Rerub)' [Against The Grain]
11. Mobius 'Flod Warning (That Girl Dj Remix)' [APE]
12. Futureheads 'Worry About It Later (Switch Remix / Bass Weazal Edit)'
13. Baobinga and ID 'Man Down'
14. TC 'Wheres My Money (Caspa Mix / Elite Force Re-Fix)'
15. D.H.S. 'House Of God (Electric Soulside Remix)'
16. UKBC 'Terminate and Stay Resident'
17. Great Scott 'Safehouse (Yreane Remix)' [Scarcity Records]
18. The Loops Of Fury 'Flick A Swicth (Krafty Kuts Re-rub)' [Against The Grain]
19. Double 99 'Rip Groove (Run Riot Remix)' [Skint]
20. Cut La Roc 'Looking For The Deep Bass (Beat Monkeys Remix)' [APE]
21. Vandal 'Big Dog (Vandal Bites Dog)' [Benefit Recordings]
22. Hot Mouth 'I Dont Care (Krafty Kuts Re-rub)' [Against The Grain]
23. Afghan Headspin 'Clump Tropicana (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Valium]
24. Temper D 'Wonkey Glasses (Mskrnt Remix)' [Standard]
25. Ben and Lex 'Rave Hat' [Standard]
26. Sidneys Samson 'Riverside (Peo de Pitte Rerub)' [Flat Out]
27. 601 'Plasmatic State' [Roc Star]


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thanks for the play mate!

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