Friday, September 18, 2009

SWU Mega Rave | Mega Snooze | 17/09/09

SWU Mega Rave | Mega Snooze | 17/09/09

After the last show of Jungle-tastic Mega Rave I thought I'd bring it right back and chill out this week.

Go back to bed, tuck your self in and relax to 2 hours of Mega Snooze...

01. Warped 69 'A High Naturally (Global Communication Re-Take)' [Fierce!]
02. Boards Of Canada 'Everything You Do Is A Ballon' [Skam]
03. Christ 'Skylab One' [Benbecula]
04. Bola 'VM8' [Skam]
05. Christ 'School Is Not Compulsary' [Benbecula]
06. Boards Of Canada 'Happy Cycling' [Warp]
07. Bola 'Aguilla' [Skam]
08. Moby 'Go (Jam and Spoon In Dub Mix)' [Outer Rhythm Records]
09. FSOL 'Smokin Japanse Babe' [Virgin]
10. Plastikman 'Lasttrak' [Nova Mute]
11. FSOL 'Her Face Forms In Summertime' [Virgin]
12. Brothomstates 'Mdrmx' [Warp]
13. Amorphous Androgynous 'In Mind' [Virgin]
14. Aphex Twin 'Film' [Warp]
15. Global Communication 'Sublime Creation' [Discotheque]
16. Amorphous Androgynous 'Her Tounge Is Like A Jelly Fish' [Universal]
17. Plastikman 'Plastique' [Nova Mute]
18. Scanner 'Flyjazz' [New Electronica]
19. Scanner 'Punenda' [New Electronica]
20. Aphex Twin 'Side A Track 1' [Warp]
21. Sun Electric 'Northern Lights #5' [Interference Records]
22. Aphex Twin 'Bucephalus Bouncing Ball' [Warp]


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The image used for this weeks artwork was created by theblackapple and can be purchased as a 10"x8" print, with a white border for framing from Etsy

I'll be back in two weeks time with a Ben and Lex special I reckons, keep an eye on the SWU Radio pages for more info.