Friday, September 4, 2009

SWU Mega Rave | Jungle-Tastic | 03/09/09

The SWU Mega Rave | Jungle-Tastic | 03/09/09

Blam! Back on the Thursday, my original slot, once again :D and so I thought I'd wheel out the amen filled jungle of the Amen Andrews, Remarc, Soundmurderer and SK-1 etc... its proper heavy I tells thee :D

Quick note. The track listing might be a bit off as alot of these are white labels, should be pretty much right tho :D

Also the return of the SWU Gig guide tell you whats worth going to this weekend in the South West.

Rave Claw©!!!!

01. Simpleton and Remarc 'Unity (Re-Mix)' [Planet Mu]
02. Bizzy B 'Jah Works' [Planet Mu]
03. Soundmurderer and SK-1 'Soundclash' [Rephlex]
04. Shitmat 'Badman Ballad' [Planet Mu]
05. Amen Andrews 'Amen Renegade' [Rephlex]
06. Tango 'War For '94' [R:IQ Recordings]
07. Johnny Jungle 'Killa Sound (Pascal Remix)' [Suburban Base]
08. Bizzy B 'Flava' [Planet Mu]
09. Remarc 'Suicidal' [Planet Mu]
10. Q Bass 'Gun Connection (M-Beat Remix)' [Suburban Base]
11. Splash 'Babylon (DJ Trace Mix' [Dee Jay Recordings]
12. Amen Andrews 'Junglebunny' [Rephlex]
13. The Bug vs Roots Man ft He-Man 'Killer (Soundmurderer and SK-1 'Badman Rewind' Remix)' [Razor X]
14. Soundmurderer and SK-1 'Fathom' [Rephlex]
15. Shitmat 'Amen Babylon' [Planet Mu]
16. Shitmat 'Vengeance of the Whitehawk Townies' [Death$ucker Records]
17. Soundmurder and SK-1 'Tel'embodanustyle' [Rephlex]
18. Amen Andrews 'Starbase One' [Rephlex]
19. Dead Dred 'Dred Bass' [Moving Shadow]
20. Remarc 'R.I.P (Remarc Remix)' [Suburban Base]
21. Dillinja 'Angels Fell' [Metalheadz]
22. Tango And Ratty 'Tales From The Darkside (Mickey Finn and Bay B Kane Remix)' [Tango and Ratty]
23. Shitmat 'Dubplate Murder Sound' [Planet Mu]


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Back in two weeks time with a either a Ben and Lex special or I might zone out into ambient drove land.. I'll have to see how I feel on the day I guess :D who knows haha keep an eye on the pages for info.