Friday, April 3, 2009

The Wrongstars on The Beatz and Bobz Show


This Monday on The Beatz and Bobz show we have a super hot guest mix from The Wrongstars.

If you like generic boring dance music that is swamping the whole industry then stop reading. The Wrongstar Society consists of of Paul Era, MC Mooretime, Dirty D, Bass Invada and MC Esq. We met in 2006 and in the following months started making tunes that sum up what we are all about. Hooligan Vocals backed with heavy beats and dirty basslines.. as NME stated we are trouble with a capital T.

Their mix features a whole host of remixes, tracks and exclusives from them and its mighty tasty to boot.

So tune in from 9-11pm on NSB Radio this Monday for this and a whole host more.

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