Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Beatz and Bobz Show | 06/04/09 | Download


Top show this week on NSB Radio with a slamming guest mix from The Wrongstars plus a competition to win a pair of tickets to Freeland in Exeter (This competition is now closed). All this plus hot new tracks from Backdraft, Zodiac Cartel, Riva Starr, Afghan Headspin and so much more.

01. Zinc 'Submarine' [Bingo Bass]
02. Mobius 'Thugs' [APE]
03. Mobius 'Thugs (Afghan Headspin Remix)' [APE]
04. BBB 'Let The Bass (601 Remix)' [Standard]
05. Factor Funk 'Mobi Dick' [Downbeat]
06. Blue Effect 'Stop! (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Functional]
07. Marcus Romboy 'Beginning (Peo de Pitte Remix)' [Flatout]
08. Lightshapers 'Synth Punk (Afghan Headspin Remix)' [APE]
09. The Wrongstars 'Drink Till She Is Beautiful (Metro Boy Remix)' [Unstable]
10. Zodiac Cartel 'We Dont Play That' [UA]
11. Machines Don't Care 'Drop It To The Floor' [Music Responce]
12. Ben and Lex 'Haterz' [Future Perfect]
13. Backdraft 'Headcharge (Backdraft VIP Dubstep Remix)' [Downbeat]

The Wrongstars Guest Mix

14. The Wrongstar Society 'Intro'
15. Rico Tubbs 'Hip Rave Anthem' [Cheap Thrills Records]
16. Jagged Slap '10 Pence Short (The Wrongstars Remix)' [Electric Tastebuds]
17. The Prodigy 'Warrior's Dance' [Take Me To The Hospital]
18. Jack Beats vs Dynamite MC 'What (Vocal)' [Cheaper Thrills Records]
19. The Wrongstar Society 'Dog Brain Soup' [Electric Tastebuds]
20. Paul Lyman 'Break Through (The Wrongstars Remix)' [Dustedbreaks Records]
21. Hackney Soliders 'Da String Tune' [New Deal Recordings]
22. The Wrongstar Society 'Running People Over On A Tuesday Afternoon' [Electric Tastebuds]
23. Fort Knox Five Ft Mustafa Akbar and Shunda K 'Funk 4 Peace (Deekline and Ed Solo Remix)' [Fort Knox Recordings]
24. The Wrongstar Society 'Spotlight' [Electric Tastebuds]
25. Napt 'Lose Control' [Funkatech]
26. The Wrongstar Society 'Get Wrong' [Electric Tastebuds]
27. Shox 'Monkey' [Running]

28. DJ Kool 'Let Me Clear My Throat (MSKRNT Remix)' [CDR]
29. K.Gol 'Pusher (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Flybeat Music]
30. The Prodigy 'Everybody In The Place (AC Slater Remix)' [CDR]
31. Agressivness and Factor Funk 'Small Chicken (Afghan Headspin Remix)' [Valium]
32. Rico Tubbs 'It Gets No Better (Klaus Hill Remix)' [Menu]
33. Drumattic Twins 'Back To The Old School' [Finger Lickin']
34. Dustbowl 'St Petersburg' [UA]
35. The Prodigy 'Omen (Noisia Remix)' [Take Me To The Hospital]
36. Urban Shakedown and Mickey Finn 'Some Justice (Super Mal Remix)' [CDR]
37. The Doors 'The End (Riva Starr Re-Trip)' [CDR]


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