Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wi-fi in Exeter Guide


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I've spent the past few days looking up on the web for a reliable guide to wi-fi hot spots in Exeter and the only ones I found were horribly outdated so after having a chat with my friend Neil Cocker on Twitter he set up and so off the back of that I've followed suit and set up

The Google map is fully open to the public to add venues, comments and suggestions.

When adding a venue please stipulate whether the wi-fi is free or paid. Also, if you can add details such as size, atmosphere, prices etc it would be useful for people who don't know the area/venue.

Pease make free wi-fi GREEN, and paid wi-fi BLUE. Please feel free to suggest other categories. :)

If you're signed into Google then just click on "Edit" and it should be simple from there, or search for the venue and add to map

So spread the word about and lets get this guide full up so the people of Exeter will never be without the internet :)

Huge thanks to and Neil Cocker for the initial idea and support. Also check out

Ohh and any idea to make this better etc send them to