Thursday, January 29, 2009

Metro Boy | | Download

Metro Boy | | 27/01/09

Brap time again with 2 hours of proper loopy, bleepy, minimal techno with the odd dash of weird prog rock esq stuff thrown in for you to listen to.

01. Butane 'From The Beginning' [Alphahouse]
02. Angel Alanis and Foursquare 'Drama Club' [Klientele]
03. Umek 'Spare Good For Me' [Hell Yeah]
04. Tony Rohr 'Foundhaus Ltd' [Clink]
05. JPLS 'Spooked' [Minus]
06. Click 'Box Sugar Pain' [Minus]
07. Umek 'Take A Look' [Audiomatique Recordings]
08. Stimming 'The Anger' [Liebe Detail]
09. Butch 'Earth (823's Crackpot In The Field Remix)' [Trapex Ltd]
10. Marc Houle 'Selection 12' [Minus]
11. Benjamin Vial 'The Bass and The Monkey (Metro Boy's More Bleep Remix)' [Plasmapool]
12. Daniele Papini 'Church Of Nonsense' [Alchemy]
13. Kobbe and Kevin Brown ft Mar C 'Voodoo Doctor' [Land Of Voodoo Recordings]
14. Anja Schneider 'Little Red Riding Hood' [Mobilee Records]
15. The Dolphin 'Haze Hard' [SCI+TEC Digital]
16. Tony Rohr 'Tre' [Drumcode]
17. A.Mochi 'Harvester' [Figure]
18. Lee Curtiss 'Trim' [Dumb Unit]
19. Mathew Jonson and Adam Beyer 'Marionette (Adam Beyer Remix)' [Wagon Repair]