Monday, August 4, 2008

Posthuman - Hilda Family Remixed (MZYKN008CD)


Top new release from the Myuzyk label that I highly recommend you all go out and buy :)

Posthuman - Hilda Family Remixed (MZYKN008CD)

The collection starts off with a sophisticated remix from Dave Graham that captures cinemtatic aspects of Posthuman’s music, with odd timings and nuances that give it a live feel.

James Fox seems to immerse his production in whatever vibe he is feeling that day and here captures a sound akin to some of Kode 9's outings, turning Asha Grew Wings into a dubbed out stepper.

Josh from Posthuman in his house guise Walter Becomes Wendy remixed Fortune Favours The Foolish into a infectious house groove aimed at the dancefloor. With support from Mary Anne Hobbs is new name on the block Duke Spook, showing another side to his music with his fathoms deep techno styling of The Disease.

Ambient meister LJ Kruzer opted for the beatless route and paints a sonically rich picture in his remix of Asha Grew Wings. Fans of the Border Community sound might enjoy Asha Grew Wings remixed by The Village Orchestra, awash with popping beats, hazy distortion and shoegazing moments.

The man responsible for California’s Muti Music is Dave Bryuns aka Dov and he delivers a dose of stomping, twitching, breaks tinged 4/4 in his remix of Asha Fallen.

Edinburgh's the wee djs changes tact from the gnarly electro output and goes for a switched up electronic hip hop approach in the Fortune Favours The Foolish remix whilst still applying scary amounts of bass.

From Birmingham’s Kracktronik label comes circuit bending and rave breaks in sol_dat's supercharged remix of the popular Asha Grew Wings.

If you liked the Richie Hawtin approach during darker patches of the 90s there’s a treat in store in the form of Kelp's collosal remix of The Disease, squelchy filtering and thousand yard stare bass combines at 140bpm in a clattering techno workout.

London based DJ and label boss Shelley Parker steps up with her debut as a producer, pinpointing a love of all things dark, deep and bassy in a dubby techno remix of The Disease.

Jersey City's wunderkind J Hazen has taken a divertion into top shelf electronica, reworking Lust Of Dust with a focus on bleeps, subtle glitches and a switch into drum & bass for good measure.

Just before the end credits roll there is the Digitonal Breaks Down remix of Asha Grew Wings, in which the recognisible sound of Digitonal gets acid dipped and gives us another chapter in the Asha story.

To wrap things up we have revered Expanding Record's head honcho Benge supplying yet more magic of the ambient kind in his mesmerizing remix of Asha Fallen.

Tracklist with preview clips
Asha Grew Wings (Dave Graham remix)
Asha Grew Wings (James Fox remix)
Fortune Favours The Foolish (Walter Becomes Wendy remix)
The Disease (Duke Spook Viral Infection remix)
Asha Grew Wings (LJ Kruzer remix)
Asha Grew Wings (The Village Orchestra remix)
Asha Fallen (Dov remix)
Fortune Favours The Foolish (the wee djs remix)
Asha Grew Wings (sol_dat remix)
The Disease (Kelp remix)
The Disease (Shelley Parker remix)
Lust Of Dust (J Hazen remix)
Asha Grew Wings (Digitonal Breaks Down remix)
Asha Fallen (Benge remix)

Strictly limited to 200 CDs in hand numbered, folded card sleeves will be sold through Myuzyk's own +estore launching with the release of the CD (PayPal/cards)

Selling at £5 plus handling, post and packing worldwide

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