Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beatz and Bobz vs Jam The Channel


As this Fridays rave will be of immense proportions we've decided to battle it out in true style. Each DJ has 30 mins at the start of the night to flex there muscles and showcase there skills and then for the last couple of hours its going to be a 2 tune back 2 back mashup of mayhem :-D

At the start of the night we will flip a coin to decide who goes first Beatz and Bobz or JamTheChannel then run it like this...

8.30/9.00 - slot 1
9.00/9.30 - slot 2
9.30/10.00 - slot 3
10.00/10.30 - slot 4
10.30/11.00 - slot 5
11.00/11.30 - slot 6
11.30-2.00 - back to back rave - in the same order as played before.. 2 tunes each of pure rave

So get there early, as its free before 10 and cheer or boo your favorite night :-D

Bring it on Jammers :kiss: