Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Metro Boy | | 12/08/08 | Download

Metro Boy | | 12/08/08

A relaxed chilled show on this week. No rapid drops, loops or filtering fun. Just last minute vinyl mixing due to it being Vinyl Records Day and the fact my decks are a bit rusty.

Discovered I owned the Cocoon Compilation D boxset though, which was a pleasant surprise. Dropped a selection from that release plus sneaked in a ambient Jeff Mills track to finish off the show. Hurrah

01. Murcof 'Ulysses (Fax Remix)' [Leaf]
02. Mike Shannon 'Valence' [Wagon Repair]
03. DJ Yellow 'Goddess' [Ovum]
04. My My 'Serpentine' [Playhouse]
05. Marlow and Delhia 'Movin (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)' [Moon Harbour]
06. Damon Wild 'Avion' [Sinewave]
07. Plastikman 'Panik Attack (Second Attack Remix)' [Minus]
08. Run Stop Restore 'Gateways and Galaxies' [Minus]
09. Mathew Jonson 'Rainforest' [Minus]
10. Konrad Black 'Jefferson and Braeside' [Wagon Repair]
11. Dinky 'Acid In My Fridge' [Cocoon]
12. Roman Fl├╝gel 'Geht's Noch?' [Cocoon]
13. Tony Rohr 'Dead Chewy' [Cocoon]
14. Thomas Schumacher 'Metro' [Spielzeug]
15. Wink 'Acid Tonic' [Poker Flat]
16. Barem 'Opal' [Minus]
17. Troy Pierce 'GRVL' [Minus]
18. Paul Woolford 'Erotic Discourse (Audiojack Remix)' [2020 Vision]
19. Agoria feat. N'Zeng 'Les Beaux Jours' [Pais]
20. Jeff Mills 'Clark' [Axis]


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