Friday, July 4, 2008

The Mega Rave | Random Selecta! | 03/07/08


Back from Glastonbury and random tunage ahoy! bit of a glitch an hour into the show when my computer decided to turn itself off.. doh! but at least it held together for the rest of the show :)

Also the webcam was back which was cool. All the sound was stream direct from my mixer as well so no more of me singing away and such haha :)


01. Autechre '902 Quarter' [Warp]
02. Model 500 'The Flow (Jedi Knights Remix)' [R/S]
03. Photon Wallet 'Droppin Packets' [Noodles]
04. Dexter 'I Don't Care' [Clone]
05. Unknown 'Unknown' [White]
06. Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke 'Multiple Stab Wounds' [Rephlex]
07. Fresh 'Tomb Raider' [Dogs On Acid]
08. Battles 'Atlas' [Warp]
09. Adult 'Hand To Phone' [Clone]
10. De La Soul 'Me Myself and I (Extended Edit)' [Tommy Boy]
11. Si Begg 'Filthy Lies' [Novamute]
12. Boba Fettucini 'Should've Been Wookies'[Mon Mothma Records]
13. Benga 'Out Of Phaze' [Tempa]
14. Richie Hawtin 'Decks, EFX and 909 - Side A' [Minus]
15. Bushwacka! 'Beastman' [Olmeto]
16. Whole Darn Family '7 Minutes of Funk' [Alpha Omega]
17. Whitey 'Leave Them All Behind' [Regal]
18. Hardfloor 'Acperience 1' [Harthouse]
19. The Tuss 'Synthacon 9' [Rephlex]
20. Funkstörung 'Punk Motherfucker' [!K7]


Back in two weeks time with who probably more random selecta-ness. In the mean time join the Facebook Group and Subscribe to the Podcast to be kept up to date with Mega Rave happenings.

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