Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Glastonbury 2008


Well then... I've finally recovered from what was quite possibly the best Glastonbury Festival ever :)

Battles, Derrick May, Shlomo's lots and MC Pharma doing Hip Hop Karaoke are the easy standouts of what was one heck of a rammed weekend of proper drunken fun.

In no particular order, here is some of the acts I saw, bumbled into by accident and had a downright awesome jig too

Vampie Weekend
The Zutons
Eddy Grant and The Frontline Orchestra
Kool Keith an Kutmaster Kurt

The Last Shadow Puppets

'Music Through Uncoventional Means' with Shlomo's Vocal Orchestra and Special Guests. Shout to Bellatrix for blowing Yoda out of the water when they 'Battled'. After 1 round he just gave up :) Huge amount of props Bellatrix for you are the goddess of Beatboxing.

Heavenly Jukebox and Friends
All the Hip Hop Karaoke Acts
The Wurzels
Blazin' Fiddles
The Beat
Die and Clipz
The Freestylers
The Count and Sinden
James Zabiela
Derrick May

Stanton Warriors
Don Letts
Dr Alex Patterson
Atomic Holligan
Neville Staple
Neil Diamond
Blak Twang

Plus loads of freaky stuff on the Theatre and Circus Fields and some rad stuff in the back room of the crazy 50's dinner, whose name escapes me.

A final shout goes out to Neil Diamond who easily was the worst act all weekend and made my Sunday, where I was feeling quite frazzled, even worse haha :D thank Jebus for banana smoothies is all I can say.

So with a tear to my eye I bid farewell to my festival buddy Brooksie for he has emergrated to Oz now :( Glasters won't be the same without you.