Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Metro Boy | | 10/06/08

It was loop-tastic on this weeks Metro Boy show on It was such a lovely evening that I was going to do a proper ambient minimal type show instead of the bleep. But after about 2 tunes I was back on bleep mode. Loads of lil re-edits and loops throughout this show so not many actual tunes played as I normally would but that doesn't stop this being a fantastic show.

Back in 2 weeks time on so make sure you get locked in.

01. Plastikman 'Plasticine' [Novamute]
02. Wink 'Thick as Thieves' [Poker Flat]
03. Giles Smith presents Two Armadillos 'Tunnel Of Light' [Dessous Recordings]
04. Christian Smith and John Selway 'Total Departure' [Drumcode]
05. Kate Lawler 'Screw You' [Tool Room]
06. Perc 'Serious Moonlight' [CLR]
07. Rekorder 'Rekorder 00' [Rekorder]
08. Mathew Jonson and Adam Beyer 'Marionette (Adam Beyer Remix)' [Wagon Repair]
09. Paco Osuna 'Alarm' [Plus 8]
10. Chris Liebing 'B' [CLR]
11. Kevin Gorman 'Seven Eight Nine' [Mikrowave]
12. Stephan Bodzin 'Mondfahrt' [Herzblut Records]
13. Shonky 'Time Zero (Paul Ritch Remix)' [Freak N Chic]
14. Paco Osuna 'Orbeat' [Plus 8]
15. Chris Liebing 'Bangbop' [CLR]
16. Matthew Johnson and Adam Beyer 'Big Dipper' [Wagon Repair]


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