Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beatz and Bobz Show | 16/08/08 | Archive


Proper random show this week... No Lex due to the petrol shortage, me trying to recover from NASS festival, and no Ali Rutt so I popped on early.

Starts off with a load of Functional and APE tunes, then goes all RAVE and finally I finish off with a live recording from me and Lex taken from the Cavern Club when we supported Rennie Pilgrem.

I'll warn you about the live recording... Bascially when I get on the mic its very LOUD!, I only do it twice tho so its not that bad.. ohh and I stop the CD player half way through one of the tunes... haha but its all good :)

01. Rob Smith 'Loveage' [Functional]
02. Ben and Lex 'Sound Gal' [Functional]
03. Dreadzone 'Straight To A Soundboy' [Functional]
04. Ben and Lex 'Damn Dirty (Jay Stewart Mix)' [Control Breaks]
05. Ben and Lex 'Get On It (Plaza De Funk Mix)' [APE]
06. Unberzone 'Satisfaction' [Functional]
07. Ben and Lex 'Meat House' [APE]
08. Ben and Lex 'Sound Gal (Baobinga and I.D. Presents Big Monster Mix)' [Functional]
09. Spoon Wizard 'Shoe Monkey (Tom Real Vs Rogue Element Mix)' [Functional]
10. Ben and Lex 'Space Docking' [APE]
11. Ben and Lex 'My Pink Sock' [Functional]
12. Hostage 'Mash Up The Speakers' [CDR]
13. Jink 'Big Fat Ass!' [CDR]
14. Sam Hell 'Gun Club (Rektchords Remix)' [Sinister]
15. Mobius 'Tools Of The Trade' [CDR]
16. Electric Soulside 'Give It To Me (Vandal Remix)' [Erase Records]
17. Leenie De Ice 'We Are I.E. (Hijack Remix)' [Distinctive]
18. Future Funk Squad Vs Kraymon 'Firewater' [En:vision]
19. Mr No Hands Vs Brotherman 'The Bitchy Ice Cream' [No Handed Music]
20. Afghan Headspin 'Chien Lunatique' [CDR]
21. Rico Tubss 'Ghetto Funk Baby' [Menu Music]
22. Ben and Lex 'Wind It Back (Riva Starr Remix)' [Silo]
23. Insane Banger 'LSD (Bassnectar Remix)' [Insane Banger]
24. Deekline and Wizard 'Up For The Possee' [Against The Grain]

Ben and Lex | Live | Beatz and Bobz @ The Cavern, Exeter | 06/06/08

I dont know what half these tunes are :) but the hour long mix includes Plump Djs, Freq Nasty, Aquasky and a couple of tunes by us plus a whole bunch more.


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