Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[] The Ben & Lex Show - 20/02/08

Hurrah.. less ramabling then usual as young lexy was at home tucked up in bed, or in fact running to and fro from the toilet, as he was very, very ill.. No man flu this time.. proper Ill... anyways I held the fort this week and randomly talked the slight rubbish and played the following....

01. A Tribe Called Quest 'Scenario'Happy Mondays 'Step On'
02. Happy Mondays 'Step On'
03. Deerhoof 'The Perfect Me'
04. M.I.A. 'Paper Planes (Original Chorus Mix)'
05. Battles 'Diamond'
06. LFO 'Flu Shot'
07. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip 'The Beat That My Heart Skipped'
08. Cut Chemist 'The Audience Is Listening Theme Song'
09. Squarepusher 'Come On My Selector'
10. Humb '99 Flake Soundbwoy'
11. Maxwell 'I Found U (High Contrast 'Old Skool Revenge Mix)'
12. Whitey 'Y.U.H.2.B.M.'
13. Bis 'Kandy Pop'
14. Sonic Youth '100%'
15. DNA 'DNA'
16. Cinematic Orchestra 'Theme Reprise'
17. Justice 'Phantom'
18. The Pixies 'Debasser'
19. Primal Scream 'Jail Bird (Chemical Brothers Mix)'
20. Stone Roses 'Fools Gold'
21. The Soup Dragons 'I'm Free'
22. Slyde 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Twockers Remix)'
23. OH SNAP!! 'Bill Cosby Sweater (Hostage Remix)'
24. Bass Kleph 'Bump Uglies (Stupid Fresh 'Wizard In Oz' Mix)'
25. Crookers 'Massive (Bonus Jump Around Mix)
26. Stupid Fresh 'Stretch The Canvas'
27. Sabres Of Paradise 'Bubble & Slide (Nightmare On Wax Mix)'
28. Ride 'Mouse Trap'

I'm working on getting copies of the archives of these shows for either just downloads or if we get a regular show, a podcast, so hopefully before I fly off to Austrlia to become married man I'll have something to tied you all over :D

Fingers crossed me and Lex with be both back next Wednesday, the 4th of March, to talk more rubbish then play tunes...

till then,


p.s. I'm blogging this from the Phoenix bar and my god people who hang out here are pretenious DICKS haha ;) do i finish my beer or randomly throw it at someone... hmmm