Friday, February 18, 2011

Slugrave Mixtape #001


A series of mixtape from various well know DJs and Producers exploring the depths of 'Deep Vibe Slug Music'

Leave your salt on the door please you are now entering the Sluuuuuuuugggg rave...... zzzz

Slugrave Mixtape #001 - Side A

01. Jedi Knights 'Song For M.A.W' [Smugg Records]
02. Duff Disco 'I Need Ya' [Composite Records]
03. Le Sarge En Board 'Through The Robot Chicken Shed (Andrew Weatherall Remix)' [Rotters Golf Club]
04. The 2Bears 'Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum) ' [Southern Fried]
05. Andy Cato 'That Bassline Track' [Get Digital Music]
06. Bonar Bradberry 'Siula Grande (Pete Herbert Remix) ' [Needwant Recordings]
07. Border Crossing 'Outside' [Kartel Creative]
08. Felix Da Housecat 'What Does It Feel Like (Royksopp Return The Sun Remix)' [City Rockers]

Slugrave Mixtape #001 - Side B

01. Sei A 'White Rainbow' [Turbo Recordings]
02. Wax '30003 B' [Wax]
03. Skudge 'Convolution' [Skudge Records]
04. J Phlip and Julio Bashmore 'Midnight At The Aquarium' [Dirtybird]
05. Ramadanman and Midland 'More Than You Know' [Aus Music]
06. Addison Groove 'Footcrab' [Swamp]
07. Luke Abbott 'Whitebox Stereo' [Border Community]
08. Kidkanevil 'The Floating World (Elphino Remix)' [First Word Records]
09. Oni Ayhun 'OAR004 A' [Oni Ayhun Records]
10. Martyn ft. Spaceape 'Is This Insanity (Ben Klock Remix)' [3024]
11. Decimal 'Melody Attack (Sandwell District Remix)' [Soma]
12. Appleblim and Ramadanman 'Void 23 (Carl Craig Re-Edit)' [Aus Music]
13. The Orb 'Slug Dub' [Island]


oooze on and join the vibe ...

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