Friday, February 11, 2011

Skream and Benga | The SWU Sessions #002


Skream and Benga are two of the most influential producers and DJ’s the Dubstep scene. So it was about time we gave them a SWU Sessions special.

01. Hatcha and Benga '10 Tones Heavy' [Planet Mu]
02. Benga 'Full Cycle' [Benga Beats]
03. Benga '26 Basslines' [Tempa]
04. Benga 'E Trips' [Tempa]
05. Benga 'Comb 60s' [Planet Mu]
06. Benga 'Bass Beat' [Benga Beats]
07. Benga 'One Million' [Tempa]
08. Benga 'Light Bulb' [Tempa]
09. Benga 'Crunked Up' [Tempa]
10. Benga 'Buzzin' [Tempa]
11. Benga and Coki 'Night' [Tempa]
12. Benga 'Technocal' [Tectonic]
13. Benga and Skream 'Amber' [Big Apple]
14. Benga 'On The Edge' [Sin City]
15. Benga 'Emotions' [Tempa]
16. Benga 'Bengas Off His Head' [Tempa]
17. Skream ft. Warrior Queen 'Sunship' []
18. Skream 'Filth' [Tempa]
19. Skream and Cluekid 'Sandsnake' [Disfigured Dubs]
20. Skream 'The Shinein' [Deep Medi]
21. Skream 'Backwards' [Deep Medi]
22. Skream 'Dubbers Anonymous' [Tempa]
23. Skream 'Trapped In A Dark Bubble' [Tectonic]
24. Skream 'Movin Snares' [Disfigured Dubs]
25. Skream 'The Bug' [Big Apple]
26. Skream 'Midnight Request Line' [Tempa]
27. Skream 'Memories Of 3rd Base' [Digital Soundboy]
28. Distance 'Night Vision (Skream Remix)' [Planet Mu]
29. Skream 'Oskillatah' [Tempa]
30. Digital Mystikz 'Acient Memories (Skream Remx)' [DMZ]
31. Skream 'If You Know' [Tempa]
32. Skream 'Simple City' [Tempa]
33. Skream 'Shake It' [Tempa]
34. Skream 'Morning Blues' [Tempa]
35. Skream 'Wobble That Gut' [Tempa]
36. Skream '0800 Dub' [Tempa]
37. Skream 'Rottan' [Tempa]

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