Friday, October 29, 2010

Big Beat Reunion Part 2 - Free FSUK 4 Cut La Roc Mix


The Big Beat Reunion Part 2 is not far off now and I've been wondering what to play. Were on before Hip Hop Karaoke with Jadell so were going to roll with an old skool hip hop, ninja tune, big beat esq vibe which means a heck of a lot of crate digging on my part as I havent played these tunes in years.

But thanksfully to jog my memeory on what to play I've been listening to the classic FSUK compilations from the likes of Bentley Rhythm Ace, Freestylers, Derek Dahlarge and of course Cut La Roc and there all bloody briliant still, well worth tracking down if you havent heard them before.

But whats this... the kind folk over at Reject Beats, who are putting on the Big Beat Reunion Night, have been able to give away CD 1, with CD 2 coming soon, of the classic Cut La Roc FSUK mix :)

01 - The Herbaliser - Who's The Realest
02 - Runaways - Finders Keepers
03 - Ozomatli - Cut Chemist Suite
04 - The Commodores - Brick House
05 - Sir Drew - Screamin' Skull
06 - Ultramagnetic MC's - Give The Drummer Some
07 - Zapp - More Bounce To The Ounce
08 - Cut La Roc - Makin' Hot
09 - Pepe Deluxe - Big Muff
10 - Jadell - Can You Hear Me
11 - Bootsy Collins - Party Lick-A-Bie's (Norman Cook Club Mix)
12 - Fatboy Slim - Sho Nuff
13 - Arthur Baker - Breaker's Revenge (Cut La Roc Mix)
14 - 2 In Da Bush - The Lick
15 - Peplab - Ride The Pony (Norman Cook Dub The Pony Mix)
16 - Skeewiff ft Michel Legrand And His Orchestra - Come Ray And Come Charles (G Fonk)
17 - Outcast - Criminals


Get on this and get down, Part 2 is coming soon and I for one cant wait becuase theres some next level classic gems on that one.

So yeah pop down to the Concorde in Brighton next Friday to check out Aphrodite,Propellerheads, Jon Carter, Derek Dahlarge, Deadly Avenger, Cut la Roc, what me and lexy have dug out from the crates along side the rest of the artists.

Tickets are still available and full details can be found on the Facebook event page