Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Benjamin Vial | APE Music Podcast #14


Benjamin Vial take a us on a trip back in time with a hour of classic breaks on this edition of the APE Music podcast.

Along side PMT 'Gyromancer', Prodigy 'Jericho' and Altern 8 'Frequency' Benjamin Vial also mixes in his new APE release 'Empire' and 'Back Control' resulting in one of the best mixes this podcast has ever showcased.


01. The Shamen 'Hyperreal (Meat Beat Manifesto Dirtiest Dub)' [One Little Indian]
02. Boom Boom Satellites '4 A Moment Of Silence' [RS Records]
03. The Future Sound Of London 'We Have Explosive (Mantronik Plastic Formula #1)' [Virgin]
04. Leftfield feat. Bambaataa 'Afrika Shox (Jedi's Elastic Bass Remix)' [Hard Hands]
05. T-Power 'Kool And Deadly' [Botchit and Scarper]
06. PMT 'Gyromancer' [Acetate]
07. Altern-8 'Move My Body' [Network Records]
08. Slacker 'Scared (Dylan Rhymes Remix)' [XL]
09. The Prodigy 'Jericho' [XL]
10. Benjamin Vial 'Back Control' [APE]
11. Eric B. and Rakim 'Juice (Know The Ledge)' [MCA]
12. Elite Force 'Here Comes The Flow (Gella Remix)' [UA]
13. Young MC 'Know How (Stanton Warriors Edit)' [CDR]
14. Benjamin Vial 'Empire (Vandal Remix)' [APE]
15. The Loops Of Fury 'Soap (Peo De Pitte Remix)' [UA]
16. Meat Katie & D. Ramirez feat. Odissi 'Stop The Revolution (Bassbin Twins Remix)' [Lot49]
17. Yo! Majesty 'Club Action (Hi!-Population Remix)' [CDR]
18. Altern-8 'Frequency' [Network Records]
19. The Cure 'Three (Benjamin Vial Edit)' [CDR]

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