Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Metro Boy | | 21/09/10


A change from the normal formula this week as we have two guest mixes for your listening pleasure. First up we have a guest mix I did for DVNT's MANTIS show and returning the favour the second half is handed over to a dark and menacing mix from DVNT. Back to back guest mix action which im sure you will enjoy. For more info on DVNT and MANTIS please check out the Darkfloor website where you will find a massive amount of brilliant music.

Metro Boy Mix

01. Intro
02. SCKE 'Airplane 1981' [Myuzyk]
03. Metro Boy 'Drone.3'
04. Binaural Diaries Of Ollie Hall 'Chion Inchanting'
05. Herzog 'No Headlights, No Brakes' [Serein]
06. Metro Boy 'Drone.2'
07. Bio Static Systems 'Thinly Veiled Sands' [Myuzyk]
08. Metro Boy 'Bounty Hunters'
09. Mr Minimax 'Please Place All Metal Items In The Tray' [Myuzyk]
10. Plastikman 'Disconnect' [Novamute]
11. James Fox 'Gritter' [MMII]
12. Acid Pauli 'Urwald' [Smaul]
13. Jet Project 'Do It Like This (Fergie Remix)' [Darkroom Dubs]
14. Smacs and Partick Kong 'Paraffin (Metro Boy Remix)' [VIM Records]
15. Perc and Fractal 'UP' [Kompakt]
16. Christian Smith And John Selway vs Planetary Assault Systems 'Planetary Departure (Speedy J Bootlegggg)'
17. DBX 'Losing Control' [Peacefrog]
18. Chris Liebing 'Auf Und Davon' [CLR]
19. Metro Boy 'Drone.1'
20. Aphex Twin 'Xtal' [RS]
21. Outro


22. Helios 'Convivium' [Unseen Records]
23. The Sight Below 'Twice Failed' [Ghostly]
24. Delta Funktionen 'Silhouette (Marcel Dettman Remix)' [Delsin]
25. Gary Beck 'Zenith' [BEK Audio]
26. Mr. Bizz 'Darma' [Delikat Recordings]
27. Hoffman 'Melodic Techno' [dub]
28. Claudio PRC 'Frozen Square' [Prologue]
29. Kenny Larkin 'Glob (Ben Klock Remix)' [Planet E]
30. Ben Klock 'Check for Pulse' [Ostgut]
31. Gunjack 'Spanishtrap (Remix)' [Planet Rhythm]
32. Biome 'The Planets' [Sub Pressure]
33. Plastic Loopz 'Inner Fear (Balatro Remix') [Audioexit]
34. Radial 'Recover (Paul Mac Remix)' [Audio Assault]
35. Ancient Methods 'Second Method 3' [Ancient Methods]
36. Maleza 'Lancer' [Antiritmo]
37. DVF 'Warehouse' [dub]
38. James Ruskin 'The Outsider (Luke Slater's ME Remix)' [Blueprint]
39. Planetary Assault Systems 'X Speaks to X (Al Tourettes + Appleblim Remix)' [Ostgut]
40. Concrete DJz + Tabox 'Bodrum' [Armatura]
41. Concrete DJz vs Miss Kosmix 'Wreck This' [Armatura]
42. DBX 'Losing Control' [Accelerate]
43. Edit-Select 'Bauer' [Ostgut]
44. Asagao Audii 'Why He Died' [Return Records]
45. Forward Strategy Group 'Code #02' [Perc Trax]
46. Ben Frost 'The Carpathians [Bedroom Community]

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