Friday, September 10, 2010

Freerange DJs 'Drop That Beat' [APEM021] OUT NOW!!!


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Freerange DJs 'Drop That Beat' [APEM021] - 128kbs Teaser Clips by apemusic

Oh yes it's bloody relentless round here! Ape is launchin into its twenties with a mahhhooooosive release.

The chart-topping old-jackin Freerange DJs are b-b-b-back from the old jack.

After 5 months of their last single dominating the charts (and it's still in there!!), Ape's badboys are back and fap on my back, they do not disappoint one lil bit.

"When I heard the mini drop at 3.03 I swear on my gran's tits a little bit of the happy juice came out" (Lex, APE Music)

The only way you wouldn't have heard their last single is if you have no ears and this new one is set to smash up the airwaves yet again.

The Freerange DJs are without a doubt the ones to watch this year. Make no mistake these feckers are going places and we at Ape Towers think that you should join us and... 'Drop That Beat'

'Drop that Beat' is a humungomentous rudeboy floor shakin monster of a tune that would sit comfortably in the sets of everyone from Elite Force to Ctrl Z. Huge unrelenting reece bass, glitchy vocals, sweeeet edits and massive drums combine to damage any system you could throw at it y'all.

Seeing as we like these fellas here at Ape we have drafted in 3 of the scenes baddest to throw their remix skillz into the mix.

First up we have regular Ape Fam-a-lam Afghan Headspin who have turned in something a lil differen,t but nonetheless freekin awesome for us. Forging a new heads down chugging 130 Bpm sound, they still pull no stops on the aural assault with a huge twisting gnarly bass that drills right through and some sweet dubsteppy drops that bang like a good'un.

Next up we have live act supremos Nursery Of Naughtiness who bring the baddest 808 bigness you ever dun heard!! If the enormous kik doesnt mashup ya brains then the glitchy dubsteppy basses will. Watch ya bassbins I'm tellin ya!

Finishing off the lunacy we have the Gibraltan badmen Lethalness bringin the sound of the Spanish rave straight to th UK with a ferocious tearout beast of a record that is one for the feckin ravin cru and no mistake. Huuuuuuge nasty bass is the order of the day for this whopper.

Make way peoples... The Freerange are comin!

DJ Mag Review

Breaks equivalent to the Wurzels, return

The three Cornish musketeers, =AVE=, Olly G and Hi-Fly, return to chase their chart topping smash Back To The Old Jack with yet another chugging tractor engine style bassbin-barndance destroyer. It does exactly what you want it to do and packs one hella-wallop in the process. Can do no wrong.

DJ Feedback

The Plump DJs
Great chunky breaks. In the box!

The Afghan remix is pretty fresh and I would play that in an Aquasky breaks set for sure. The Nursery remix I could play in any kinda set... Nice tune :)

General Midi
Heavy! like this a lot.

Ctrl Z
Nice Package.

Jay Cunning
Leathalness remix is dirty!

Loving the package over all, but the really original does it for me.

Cut La Roc
Big Big Big, Absolute killer package!

Peo de Pitte
Yeah, original rocks... !!!

Original is fooking wicked! Excellent remix package too, loving the freaked out Afghan bass! Will defo be getting plays out - BIG UP!

Drop That Beat - T-shirt



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