Monday, July 27, 2009

NSB and APE Team up for NSB 'Uncovered'


More stuff I've missed while being ill haha. Just got off the phone with Lex and he has hooked us up with the mighty NSB to release, via APE Music, the new NSB 'Uncovered' Album. Plus we've been drafted in to sort out the mix cd. Huzzah.

Now my knowledge on all this is a bit hazy bit I think the release will be available from all good digital download shops and the track listing for the individual tracks looks something like this...

Curl & Dean - Shining Path
Imperial Thrilla - Ya Dig
Mjoogoo - The Favourite Show
Finny - Space Cat
Mobius vs Mr Snook - Zion Movement
Section 4 - Push Through
Nu-Type - Descent
Felix Stone - Vapor
Teknic B - The Next psycho
TRO - Urban Myth
Freeflow45 - Tuff Unit
Erratech - Gorilla
Run Riot - Ace
Emeyda - Now Crew
Dusty - Nothing To Fear

I must admit I haven't heard any of these yet but I'm sure there going to kick ass. Once I've had a listen and sorted out and order for the mix I'll do a lil sneak peek post on here. Also keep an eye on APE Music soon for all the official info.