Monday, July 27, 2009

Glade / Ill / Free Mix

Blurgh...... total lack of updates recently due to being a tad ill, might of been swine flu, might not who knows anyways. I'm still feeling all hazy so I thought I'd stick up a few photos and a video from the awesome Glade rave plus a lil mix from the Afghan Headspin guys, featuring a remix from us, to roll you over till i get back on it :)

Thursday night headlining the Brake Down tent, was mad smokey so the quality is poor :(

Friday Glade stage was insane mad rave :D - click for more photos

Afghan Headspin Summer 2009 Mix

Reso v's VENT - Rumble - Subway
Aggresivnes & Factor Funk - Small Chicken - A.H. Remix - Valium
Shut Up & Dance - Cream - Afghan Headspin Remix - SUAD
Altered Beats - Drop The Beat - Standard Audio
Recycle - Xyanide Resurrection - Standard Audio
Freeflow45 - Ear Fracture - Bombtraxx
Recycle - Ghost In The Shell - Ben & Lex Remix - Standard Audio
Temper D - Wonky Glasses VIP - Standard Audio
Kouncilhouse v's Mickey Finn - Shed A Tear - ADHD
MARS v's Hardwired - Mass - CDR
Afghan Headspin - No Process - Valium
VENT - White Out - Hardcore Beats
Lightshapers - Synth Punk - Afghan Headspin Remix - Ape

Download Link: Right Click / Save As