Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Metro Boy | | 02/06/09 | Download

Metro Boy | | 02/06/09

Super hot mix from last night for you this week, the studio was at boiling point so the laptop glitchs out a few time :( sorry but apart from that its another dose of bleepy techno :D

01. Nathan F 'Sorry The Late (Alfie Remix)' [Artist Records]
02. Gary Beck 'On The Run (Edit-Select Remix)' [Edit Select]
03. Someone Else 'Sunny Day In Smallville (Kriss Remix)' [Foundsound Records]
04. Dustin Zahn 'Wet SKin' [Mindshake]
05. JPLS and Ambivalent 'Backstab' [Minus]
06. Louderbach 'Shine (Alex Delano Remix)' [Minus]
07. Camea 'Computer Says Love (Insideout Remix)' [Clink]
08. Till Von Sein 'Ovas (Cats N Dogz Ohne FX Remix)' [Dirt Crew]
09. =AVE= 'Nocturnal Behaviour' [CDR]
10. Perc 'So Long 46' [CLR]
11. Someone Else 'Sunny Day In Smallville (Kriss Remix)' [Foundsound Records]
12. Drumcell and Audio Injection 'Cell Injection' [Droid Records]
13. EQD 'A' [Equalized]
14. Dustin Zahn 'Dutch Rudder 420' [Mindshake]
15. Terence Fixmer 'Machine (Speedy J Rex)' [Electric Deluxe]
16. Shin Nishimura 'Frustration' [SCITEC Digital Audio]
17. Plantery Assault 'Temporary Suspension' [Ostgut Ton]
18. Len Faki 'BX3' [Ostgut Ton]
19. Radio Slave 'Sundazed' [Rekids]
20. Slam 'Hot Knives' [Paragraph]
21. Benny Rodrigues and Kapuchon 'The Finger (Radio Slave Remix)' [Spinclub Recordings]
22. Pfriter 'De A Poco' [Figure]


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Anonymous said...

"Plantery Assault" ?

Benny said...

doh! that should read 'Planetary Assault System' :D