Thursday, June 11, 2009

Myagi 'The Heat' + Remix Pack


Lil present for all my readers today a free tune and the remix parts to the new Myagi tune :) yay

US producer Myagi and this guy's latest release is getting big support from the likes of Orbital, Utah Saints, Meat Katie, DJ Dan and more.

'The Heat' is all about big electro house, mangled breaks and chunky basslines. Dropping thick kicks, complimented by big builds and lots of drops, this one is another fat number with everything chucked in to craft a peak time track that is a fantastic suit to any progressive or energetic sets that need it.

Now the remix is just for fun but I'm going to get working on a minimal remix and maybe use the parts to do re-edits for the Ben and Lex sets.... bleep

Also check out Sole Claw 'Goth Chick Hand Job (Skool Of Thought Remix)' [Pure Phunk Recordings] which is quite old now but still kills it on the dancefloor :D

Anyways on to the downloads..... oooh and if you have a go and doing a remix and you think I'll like it whack it in my drop box.

Myagi 'The Heat (Radio Edit) [Pop and Lock Records]

Remix Pack

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