Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Mega Rave | V Records Special | Download

The Mega Rave | V Records Special | Download

It was sunny for a while yesterday so to boost those summery vibes I dug out a whole bunch of feel good Liquid V, V Records and the odd Full Cycle track to roll through the evening.

Also I had a few 'Special' requests in from Nick Muat via the Facebook Group so I shall be doing Orbital in two weeks time.

01. Dj Fresh ft MC Darrison 'All That Jazz' [V Records]
02. Artificial Intelligence 'Through The Gate' [V Records UK]
03. Syncopix 'Jonie's Theme' [Liquid V]
04. Utah Jazz 'Feeling Inside' [Liquid V]
05. Kabuki 'Trailblazer' [Liquid V]
06. Roni Size 'Strictly Social (Nu-Tone Remix)' [Liquid V]
07. Roni Size and DJ Die 'Its A Jazz Thing (Utah Jazz Remix)' [V Records UK]
08. EZ Rollers 'Ready For Love (DJ CLipz Remix)' [V Records UK]
09. D Bridge 'Chin Blue' [Liquid V]
10. DJ Markey and XRS 'LK (Scorpio Remix)' [V Records]
11. Kabuki and Makoto ft Deeizm 'Look Of Love' [Liquid V]
12. Heist 'All That Jazz' [Full Cycle]
13. Calibre 'Same Old' [Liquid V]
14. Utah Jazz 'Harlem' [Liquid V]
15. Scorpio 'Turn Dance' [Full Cycle]
16. Ill Logic and RAF 'Forever' [Liquid V]
17. DJ Die 'Stoned Groove' [Full Cycle]
18. Artificial Intelligence 'Movin On (DJ Markey and Bungle Remix)' [V Records UK]
19. Tommy Noy 'Love and Happiness' [V Records UK]
20. Artificial Intelligence vs D Bridge 'Better Days' [Liquid V]
21. Drumsound and Simon 'Bassline' Smith 'Freestyle Mambo' [V Records]
22. Drumajik 'The Mix' [Liquid V]
23. Roni Size and DJ Die 'It's a Big Up Thing (Utah Jazz Remix)' [V Records UK]
24. Reprazent 'Trust Me' [Talkin' Loud]


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