Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Beatz and Bobz Show | 05/05/09 | Download

Fresh from winning the South West Breaks DJ awards I'm back on nsb with 2 hours of mind bogglingly awesome rave. Loads of new stuff, promos, exclusive and all that jazz. Enjoy!

01. Intro
02. Sueño Latino 'Sueño Latino (Bushwacka Remix)' [Distinct'ive Breaks Records]
03. Bootasaurus 'Booty Calamity' [Party Style]
04. Groove Allegiance 'Organ Dementia' [Splank Records]
05. B Phreak 'Speaker Phreaker' [Westway]
06. Ash Hunt 'Bleeperz' [Supatronix]
07. Mobius 'Flood Warning' [CDR]
08. Dekoy vs. Rob Focuz 'Bob Hopeless' [Diverted Traffic]
09. Ben and Lex 'My Pink Sock' [Functional]
10. Zinc Ft. No.Lay 'Killa Sound' [Bingo]
11. Recycle 'Ghost In The Shell (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Valium]
12. Hyper vs JHz 'Pitch Bitch (Dopamine Remix)' [Kilowatt Recordings]
13. Backdraft 'Headcharge (D-Ranged Remix)' [Downbeat]
14. _AVE_ 'Back To The Old School' [APE]
15. Haggstrom 'Be My Baby (Peo de Pitte Remix)' [Flat OUt]
16. K.Gol 'Pusher (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Fly Beat Music]
17. Zodiac Cartel 'We Don't Play That' [UA]
18. Smacs and Patrick Kong 'Paraffin (Metro Boy Remix)' [VIM Records]
19. Ben and Lex 'Haterz' [Future Perfect]
20. Rico Tubbs 'Gangsters (Jay Stewart Remix)' [Menu]
21. Blue Effect 'Stop!' [Functional]
22. Skool Of Thought 'Heart Of The Hood' [Cool and Deadly]
23. Unknown 'Untitled' [CDR]
24. Sporty O Ft. Keith Mac 'Guestlist (Rico Tubbs Remix)' [Rat Records]
25. Major Lazer 'Hold The Line (DZ Remix)' [CDR]
26. Ninja Commandos 'Fat Yourself Go (Ben and Lex Remix)' [CDR]
27. Ben and Lex 'Mugz' [Future Perfect]
28. 601 'RKSTDY (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Polar Red]
29. Brothers Bud 'The Sting' [Finger Lickin]
30. _AVE_ 'Your Mind Your Passion' [APE]
31. Nursery Of Naughtiness 'Thugs VIP (Gun To Your Head Mix)' [Exceptional]
32. Rektchordz 'No Dice (Klaus Hill Remix)' [Erase]
33. Hostage 'Ain't No Man' [CDR]
34. Unknown vs The Killers 'Somebody Told Me (Dub)' [CDR]


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