Sunday, March 15, 2009

Youthful Implants - Metaphyzzical


Just finished a top weekend of raving.. Joint and Magik Bullet were both sell out gigs and we proper raved it up. So while recovering in bed I found out that the lastest mix from Youthful Implants is featuring our forthcoming release 'Mugz' on Future Perfect. Hurrah.

So Blow out those Sunday cobwebs and get it on...

1. Adam Faz - Reverence (Equalizers rmx) - Bombtraxx
2. Dilemn - Pure Ilusion (Hardcore Beats)
3. Chris Anderson - Overdose (TJR Rmx) Promo Records
4. Dopamine - Come Closer (The Bulgarian rmx) Title Fight
5. Drumattic Twins - Back to the Old School (Finger Lickin)
6. Equalizers - Broken English (Pure Filth)
7. Pulsate01 - Dust Rain (Youthful Implants rmx) Flextone
8. Ben & Lex - Mugz (Future Perfect)
9. Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls (Zodiac Cartel rmx)
10. The Breakfastaz - Acting Wrong ft Meshach (Breakfast Club)
11. Drumattic Twins - Dont be so Drumattic (Finger Lickin)
12. Loop DeVille - The One (Butter Party rmx) Trickery Collective
13. Youthful Implants vs Tiger Funk - Heatseeker (Dead Famous)
14. Equalizers - Blood Sport (Pure Filth)
15. Lily Allen - The Fear (The Count saves Lily from the fear rmx)
16. Skism - The Blank (Wicky Lindows)
17. TC - Wheres my money (Caspa rmx, Jack Beats re-edit)
18. Drumattic Twins - Drum Thunder (Finger Lickin)
19. Dilemn - Flying Guitar (Future Perfect)
20. Mesmer - Lights Shine Down (Sound of Habib)




alex said...

Cheers Benny!

PM'd on the NS of B.