Sunday, January 12, 2014

Slugrave - We Are 3 | LDN 24/01/14


Three is the magic number. Three sluggish DJs making their way from three parts of the country to celebrate three years of the mighty Slugrave. In that three years, they’ve taken their lax BPMs to all manner of clubs and festivals Glastonbury Festival‘s The Beat Hotel, Glade, Beautiful Days FestivalDimensions Festival, the late lamented Big Chill), and – slowly – rocked it each and every time.

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t chillout: just because they refuse to push past the 120bpm mark doesn’t mean the Slugrave team don’t bring the party.

Their sound, which absorbs acid house, space disco, dub, hip hop, moombah, Balearic and a whole lot more into its dreamy throb is perfect for people who know that real pleasure can’t be rushed. It’s slow, it’s low – so let yourself go!


Sorry, No Vacancies

378 Brixton Road, London, United Kingdom

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Slugrave - We Are 3 | LDN 24/01/14