Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ben & Lex 'Cosa Nostra Promo Mix' [2003]


Been clearing out the loft and found a bunch of old mix cds, plus a whole bunch of beer sessions archives. so I thought i would whack em up online. This one being the 1st of many

This mix would have only been sent to radio stations to promote our 1st release 'Cosa Nostra' with Functional breaks all the way back in 2003.

So this is the 1st time the mix has ever been available to listen to on digital, as far as I am aware anyways, could be wrong.. who knows haha

01. Swayzak 'Make Up Your Mind'
02. Ben & Lex 'Cosa Nostra'
03. Lawgiverz 'Passion'
04. Radioactive Man 'Uranium'
05. Plump Djs 'Squeaks & Bleeps'
06. Bushwacka! 'Break You Face'
07. Mr Reds & Dj Skribble 'Everybody Come On (Stanton Warriors Remix)'
08. Dj Quest 'Da Bleepz
09. Vlad & Ardisson 'Split Screen (Ardisson Mix)'
10. Apollo 440 'Dude Descending A Staircase Ft Beatnuts (Stanton Warriors Vocal Club Mix)'
11. Vlad & Ardisson 'Split Screen (Vlad Mix)'
12. Zero 'Emit / Collect (Rennie Pilgrem Agatha Stomp)'
13. Dj Misjah 'Memorial Day'
14. Grudge 'Grudge 2'
15. Bryan Zentz 'D- Clash'