Thursday, October 20, 2011

Original Primate 'Bassline Skanker / Battle Dance [APE Music] - OUT NOW!

Original Primate 'Bassline Skanker / Battle Dance' [APEM030] by apemusic

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As we emerge completely unharmed from our summer of festival madness we at APE towers are proud, and quite frankly lucky, to have reached our 30th Birthday!

For our 30th we emerge from our mispent 20's with a thoroughly grown up slice of proper breakbeaty bizzle from fellow monkey lovers Original Primate (although we are the original primate we'll defer to them for this one release)

Original Primate have chalked up a few releases in their short partnership. Pete O'Connor (Secureunit) and Rob Focuz (Apply The Breaks) came together through mutual appreciation of dirty raves, breaks and basslines and had their first release off the back of winning a competition set by Computer Music Magazine and the Canadian producer Myagi.