Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Solid Frame 'Forever (Ben & Lex Remix)' OUT NOW!


Solid Frame 'Forever' Ben and Lex RMX Soundcloud Teaser 192k by Ben and Lex

Check out our new reamix of Solid Frames 'Forever' available now from Beatport and Juno also theres a free remix download by from Hanuman Tribe available from soundcloud.

This one is epic.

Did we already mention that this is an epic release?

Massive 4 am vibes, pleasing the crowd with the perfect blend of bright city lights at
night atmosphere, raw basses, punchy drums and all-out powerful synths.

FOREVER EP is his debut release, but this soundboy has more than 15 years bass bizz
under his belt, being a member of the notorious drum'n bass veterans SOLID FRAME.

His original comes with such a wide sound, trippy sparkling effects, reverbed guitars & longing voices from outer space, pushed by a pitchdown roller of a dubstep beat. Deep & beautiful.

And the following mixes just appear in the order of a homogene and narrative line by listening to all of them, but i can tell you, they are all epic, each one a favourite:

We wanted them as remix artists for a long time, as we simply love their sounds & nature, and it was a huge pleasure to recieve an off-beat monster breakbeat remix from UK badboys BEN & LEX: big bad sounds, and a heavy bassline creeping in your ear and never let you go again.

Some tasty tricks from our very own HANUMAN TRIBE, who twisted a hevyweight highscale calories inside-out maki: comes as a breaks mix, turns into dubstep madness, and back and forward again.

We return to the spacy atmopsheres, this time topped by propulsive techy sounds from SKETI,
who made some serious riots in the breaks scene with his latest releases, and also this one is pure blistering breaks with a festival edge.

And last but not least HANUMAN TRIBE rescued the catchy synthline from an almost forgotten older banger, which one even the STANTON WARRIORS have been shaking their heads to, and interwaved it with the FOREVER sound, to give another yummi FREEBIE to the people!

Now and FOREVER. Amen.

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