Friday, August 13, 2010

The Mega Rave | Full Cycle History Lesson Part 3 - 2001-2004


Part 3 of the popular Full Cycle history series and this week we play through releases 32 to 59 including the classics 'Lyric On My Lip', '100 Miles and Running' and 'Snapshot 3'. Part 4 and most likely part 5 coming soon.

01. Die 'Roller Ball'
02. Die 'Synthetix'
03. Die 'Stop'
04. Die 'To Step'
05. Roni Size 'Snapshot 3'
06. Roni Size 'Snapshot (Krust's The Last Break Remix) '
07. I Kamanchi 'Hey DJ'
08. D Product 'Crimes Against Technology'
09. Surge 'Sunrize'
10. Krust 'Kloakin' King'
11. Tali 'Lyric On My Lip'
12. D Product' Running Scared'
13. Roni Size 'Sound Advice'
14. Roni Size 'Playtime'
15. Roni Size 'Scrambled Egg'
16. Reeltime 'Essential'
17. Roni Size 'Move Up'
18. I Kamanchi 'Disaster Must Fall'
19. Various 'Full Cycle Mega Mix Part 1'
20. Clipz 'Sound Boy'
21. I Kamanchi 'Soul Beat Calling'
22. I Kamanchi 'Ultimate'
22. Roni Size 'Siren Sounds (Ray Keith Remix)'
23. Tali 'Lyric On My Lip (Markey and XRS Mix)'
24. Roni Size 'Forget me Knots (Bailey Remix)'
25. Die '100 Miles and Runnin'
26. I Kamanchi 'Movin Fast'
27. Tali 'Blazin' (Dillinja Remix)'
28. Tali 'Gonna Catch Ya'
29. Third Face 'Read You My Soul'

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