Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Metroboy | | 26/01/10 | Download


Mixed back of Techno this week form ambient minimal to funk hard bleepy mega rave, plus the exclusive first play of my remix for DJ Denise on Erase Records.

01. John Tejada 'PLL'
02. Matthias Meyer 'Relchenbach (Boogie Drama Remix)'
03. Plastikman 'Kriket (Danilo Vigorito)'
04. Two Armadillos 'Tunnel Of Light'
05. Matthias Meyer 'Relchenbach (Remute Remix)'
06. FUSE 'Theychx (JPLS THX Remix)'
07. Agoria 'Diva Drive'
08. Sebrok 'Concorde'
09. Adam Beyer 'Something Good To Die For'
10. Gary Beck 'On The Run (Edit Select Remix)'
11. DJ Denise 'New Frequency (Metro Boy Remix)'
12. Umek 'Slap'
13. Dustin Zahn 'Stranger To Stability (Len Faki Podium Mix)'
14. Motor 'Death Rave'
15. Mescal Kid 'Do You Want It'
16. Speedy J 'Minimal (John Acquaviva Remix)'
17. Jamie Anderson and Deepgroove 'Invaders'
18. Joseph Capriati 'Oasi'
19. Slam 'Hot Knives'
20. Plastikman 'Spastik (Dubfire Rework)'
21. Gui Boratto 'Take My Breath Away'


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