Monday, October 5, 2009

Freerange Djs 'Your Mind Your Passion' OUT NOW!!!

The Freerange DJs 'Your Mind Your Passion'

Freerange DJs 'Your Mind Your Passion'
Remixes from - Quadrat Beats and The Wrongstars
APE Music 014[APEM014]

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Freerange DJs 'Your Mind Your Passion' [APEM014] by apemusic

Press Release

We at Ape are very proud to bring you a brand new artist to the fold. We have signed up the mighty 'Freerange Djs' and shit yes are we happy about it too!!

They may be from the wrong side of the border but this Kernow based gaggle of hatstand Djs has been smashing every party they play at for many a year and now they've brought their wonky ways to the production game and man alive have they done good.

Their debut on Ape, 'Your Mind Your Passion', is a massive wonkathon with a wicked lil vocal hook in an old skool stylee that leads you into a HUGE drop and an awesome 'Rico' bass-lined dancefloor slayer....2 minutes in and in the immortal words of Shut Up and Dance...if you aint dancing then you aint got no legs!!

This has been killing it all summer at the festies so now its time for you lucky people to add it to your aural arsenal.

For remix duties we have gone all out for you....

First up we have drafted the superbly reliable, Beatport chart-topping bad bwoys, the Quadrat Beats and on my mothers arse have they pulled out a fat one :) They've given us a stupendously massive remix that has echoes of the Freestylers in their prime! Mahoosif B-lines, spunktastic ravey synths and a wicked party vibe take this tune up to the next level and then throw it off the roof to plummet to its doom in the car park!

Next up on the remix we have managed to get a hold of those London lunatics, The Wrongstars... Jeebus are we good to you.

Taking a different look at things the Wrongstars have stripped it back and twisted the shit out of it and given the beast a wonderfully nasty searing synth line to scare the bloomers off ya nan. Believe me, I'm holding my nans bloomers now... errr... anyway. There is no escape from the relentless Wrongstars rave and they dont break till the end so nor should you!!

BLAP!!! What a package!! Yes yes ya'll!

Get on board people the Freerange posse are here and we've got plenty more lovely stuff from them forthcoming on APE!!


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